Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our online training & certification at [] operated by [CDG Training Pvt Limited].

As it is an online training & certification portal, once purchased you get access of study material & online examination system, certificate is also generated automatically if you pass the exam. So, there is nothing that can be returned from your side, hence once purchased we cannot refund your money (part or full). Check out a 2021 us open.

We can refund money only in following situations: –

  • If we shut down our website before completion of your course (examination & online certification)
  • If we discontinue / delete the course from our portal ( before completion of your course (examination & online certification)

Note: In any of above-mentioned situation decision of refund (part or full) will be taken by ‘CDG Training Private Limited’ after reviewing completion status of your course. CDG’s decision will be final & cannot be unchallenged in any court of law.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions, feel free to contact our customer support team by email:

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