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Chapter 1 – What is HACCP

Chapter 2 – Developing A HACCP Plan

Step 1 Assemble The HACCP Team
Step 2 Describe The Product and Its Method Of Distribution
Step 3 Develop a Complete List of Ingredients and Raw Materials
Step 4 Develop A Process Flow Diagram
Step 5 Meet the Regulatory Requirements for Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures

Chapter 3 – HACCP Principles

PRINCIPLE  1 Conduct A Hazard Analysis 

– Biological Hazards
– Chemical Hazards
– Physical Hazards
– Conducting A Hazard Analysis
– Steps In Conducting A Hazard Analysis

  • First – Evaluate your operation for hazards
  • Second – Observe the actual operating practices in your operation

– Preventive Measures

PRINCIPLE 2 Identify Critical Control Points

– Steps In Identifying Critical Control Points

  • CCP Decision Tree
PRINCIPLE 3 Establish Critical Limits 

– Steps In Establishing Critical Limits

PRINCIPLE 4 Establish Monitoring Procedures

– Steps in Establishing Monitoring Procedures

PRINCIPLE 5 Establish Corrective Actions

– Steps in Establishing Corrective Actions

PRINCIPLE 6 Establish Recordkeeping Procedures

– Steps in Establishing Recordkeeping Procedures

PRINCIPLE 7 Establish Verification Procedures

– Steps in Establishing Verification Procedures


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